Well folks as we get closer to big buxs 2019 we thought we better post an update

To date this season, we have had tremendous support for race events and NITRO would like to thank everyone in growing this fantastic facilty.

We will show in the pics attached to this post , a list of each class and who is entered to date … we ask everyone to review it for accuracy. If we missed anyone or anyone else wants in please ONLY email

Also in the pics you will see what the race format will look like for this year
Its is a exciting new format that I want to make sure you all read and understand the format. Again any questions please email us.

New this year will also be a 32 car shootout
1/8 mile race open to 32 fastest cars
Run over 2 days ( see format)

The dinner for this year is going to be epic
Steak and crab πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽWith all the crab being caught and supplied by our race friend kham shantz from Prince Rupert BC and our girl lexy coming back to help host it

We ask that you still DO NOT send any deposits or dinner fees till we are ready to accept them . Should be in a couple weeks
Once we finalize this list

I gotta tell you. I personally am very proud of NITRO to get the response and respect of all you racers out there . We PROMISE to make it as good as it has always been
Thank you all for your support and allowing us to host you all again
68 box folks
44 no box folks
And a tremendous 33 jr’s 😲😊😎
Plus numerous support people with each car


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